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Manila, Philippines

sunny 28 °C

The first country I will be visiting in Asia, is my home country, Manila, Philippines! I've never gone back to my country before, so I'm very excited to visit. I'm from Canada but my parents are from The Philippines so I can't wait until I arrive! Manila is not really known for being a tourist hot-spot, thanks in large part to a delectable combination of heavy pollution, the world's densest population, and a frantic pace of life. But Manila is a fascinating city nonetheless, where Latin influences infuse a modern east Asian city simultaneously experiencing the push of American globalization. Since my parents are from here, I want to enjoy my experience in the city they were once living in before. For now, I open up my phone and look for hotels and attractions. Since I've never been to The Philippines before, I want to enjoy myself to my full content! So far, I found a hotel to stay in, which is the Pan Pacific Manila, it is a 5 star hotel, for only $145 per night. I even found some attractions for three days. I'll be going to Manila Ocean Park, Star City, and Rizal Park. It takes about 18 hours to get to Manila, that's a long time so from now, I guess I'll go take a nap or watch videos on my phone until we land. 18 hours later, I feel the plane starting to land, I quickly open my eyes and see the airport. This is my first time being in Manila, I was so excited to explore the city! I took my luggage out the rack and made my way down to the airport and 'Arrivals' area. Afterwards, I call a taxi and ask to go to the 'Pan Pacific Manila'. When I arrived, I checked into my hotel, set my all luggage down, changed into my PJs and went to sleep after being on a plane for hours.

Day One:
I wake up at 10:00 a.m, brush my teeth and get ready to explore Manila on my first day. Today, I'll be going to the Manila Ocean Park in the evening, but for now since it's my first day, I'm going to explore the city a bit and maybe go shopping. I head down to the lounge first to eat breakfast then afterwards, go outside and stroll around the city. Since my parent's have not gone back to their home country in a while, I'm going to buy them some souvenirs. When I'm done buying souvenirs, I'll stroll around some more. Manila seems like a very friendly place. It's also very hot in Manila, taking a walk on a sunny day is a must. Once I'm finished with my walk, I'll head back to my hotel and call a taxi to go to Manila Ocean Park. When I arrive, I'll buy my ticket and then enter. What was different about this aquarium was that you walk in a tunnel like path, and in that tunnel, are the sea animals. I saw many different sea animals, took pictures of them, and did lots of fun things at the aquarium. I fed the penguins, went on the glass bottom boat ride, went into the jellyfish room, musical fountain show, fish spa and trails to Antarctica. I had so much fun that I nearly spent about 6 hours there. I realized that it was getting really late, so I called a taxi and went back to my hotel. I ate dinner at the lounge then went back to my room to sleep.

Day Two:
I wake up at 10:00 a.m, brush my teeth and get ready to explore Manila on my second day. Today, I'll be going to Star City which is an amusement park for families in Manila. I head down to the lobby and eat breakfast first then call a taxi to take me to Star City. When I arrive, I'll buy my ticket then enjoy myself for the whole day at Star City! There were many things to do at Star City. If you weren't into rides, then there's the arcades and other attractions. There are even tons of food choices to home cooked. I haven't been to an amusement park in ages, so I went on every ride I saw. Even though it's a family oriented amusement park, anyone can enjoy themselves at this park. I absolutely loved everything about Star City, however patience was needed because there were long line ups at every ride and had to wait about half an hour to ride it. As it was getting darker, I was also getting hungry. I went to a home-cooked restaurant in Star City and ordered some food and dessert. When I was done eating, I went to play in the arcades for a bit because going on a ride right after eating is quite dangerous. After playing in the arcades for a bit longer, I decided to go home since it was getting late. I called a taxi to go back to my hotel. When I arrived back at my hotel, I went into my room and went to sleep.

Day Three:
I wake up at 11:00 a.m, brush my teeth and get ready for my last day in Manila. This time, I'll be visiting Rizal Park, which is a historical urban park. I've seen from reviews that there will be a light show, and it'll be best to go at night. I head down to the lobby to eat breakfast and then go outside for an afternoon walk. Manila always has beautiful hot weather, so being outside is really relaxing. I go back to my hotel when I'm finished with my walk and decided to go in the outside swimming pool. I was quite in the mood to go swimming in the cold pool on a hot day. It was so relaxing, I felt as if I was on a real beach. After several hours, I went back inside, changed into different clothes and decided to just walk to the Rizal Park. The Rizal Park was about a half an hour walk from my hotel, so it wasn't that far. When I arrived, the light show has just begun. Many people were there watching the light show as well. I watched as the lights turned different colors. It was truly was pretty, especially at night. I took pictures as it changed colors. The light show went on for about twenty minutes, and when it was done, everyone was beginning to turn back and leave. I did as well. As I was walking back to my hotel, I decided to take a different route and go to a restaurant I always wanted to go to. The restaurant was called 'Ilustrado', which was one of the best restaurants in Manila. I ordered my food, enjoyed it and left the restaurant to go back to my hotel. I went back to my room and began to pack my clothes into my luggage since I was leaving for my flight to Bangkok, Thailand. I changed into my PJs, set my alarm to 6:00 a.m and went to sleep.

Day Four (Departure from Manila, Philippines to Bangkok, Thailand):
I woke up at 6:00 a.m from my alarm, quickly brushed my teeth, got ready, grabbed all my luggage and headed down to the lounge to have some quick breakfast. After eating, i took a taxi to go to 'Manila Ninoy International Airport'. When I arrive, I find the 'Departing to Bangkok' sign, and go there where people are lined up to enter the plane. Half an hour later, I finally board the plane, set my luggage on the rack and take a nap as the plane leaves Manila, Philippines.

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Western Europe

Barcelona, Spain

sunny 17 °C

Day One (Part One): Last country I will be visiting of Western Europe is Barcelona, Spain. The Roman Empire founded "Barcino" in the 1st century BC and the city has been a meeting point for different cultures ever since. Barcelona into a vibrant and modern city. Barcelona is a major centre of business, design and fashion, and its rich history has gifted it with countless pieces of the finest architecture. It's only going to take about two hours to get to Barcelona, Spain from Paris, France. I have to admit, I really enjoyed my time in Paris, it's by far my favorite country I've visited in Western Europe. However, I'm sure I'm going to enjoy my experience in Spain as I did in France. For now, I'm going to take a nap until I arrive in Barcelona. After about an hour and a half, I wake up, look out the window and see the airport. When the plane finally lands, I take my luggage out the rack, exit the plane and go into the Barcelona El Prat airport. I walk around until I find the exit, and leave the airport. After that, I'll call a taxi and go to 'Hotel Espana' where I will be staying for the next three days. Hotel Espana is a four star hotel for only $261 per night. Once I arrive, I'll be checking into the hotel, leave my luggage there and start the day off!

Day One (Part Two): Once I have checked into my hotel and put my luggage in my room, I'll be going downstairs to the lounge to eat some lunch. It's only 1:00 p.m, I have plenty of time to spend. While eating lunch, I open up my phone, I didn't know where or what I was going to do today. So I search up 'Barcelona, Spain Attractions,' and find many places I can visit. I've found three attractions that appealed to me most, which is Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, and Magic Fountain of Montjuic. I decided that I will be visiting Sagrada Familia today, which is a large Roman Catholic Church. For now, it's still quite early so I want to explore the city of Barcelona before I head over to Sagrada Familia. I have a few hispanic friends who's from Barcelona so I look around and see if I can get them any souvenirs. After about an hour of souvenir shopping, I go back to my hotel and call a taxi to go to Sagrada Familia. As I'm in the taxi, I look at reviews on the church, and so far people have said what an amazing experience it is. I'm quite excited to see what it's like in there also. When I arrive, I was honestly quite intimidated on how absolutely humongous it looked! It was really huge, I felt as if it was going to collapse. I bought my ticket and then entered. Compared to the outside of how it looked, it seemed larger on the inside than the outside. When I visited Paris, the Notre Dame Cathedral is nothing compared to Sagrada Familia! I walked around in complete amaze, everything in the Church was just so beautiful, I took pictures of everything I saw. Several hours later, I left Sagrada Familia and went to find a restaurant to eat in because I was getting hungry. I finally find a four star restaurant called 'Da Greco' and eat there. I order myself some pasta and enjoy my meal. After I'm finished eating, I head back to my hotel. It's 8:49 p.m but I was quite sleepy. It felt like a long day because today I was on a plane, went shopping then went to a Roman Catholic Church. Before I went to sleep, I posted all the pictures I took on Facebook for everyone to see then went to sleep.

Day Two:
I wake up at 10:00 a.m, brush my teeth, and get ready for my second day at Barcelona. Today, I'll be visiting Park Guell. Park Guell is a public park system composed of gardens and architectonic elements. I head down to the lounge and have myself some breakfast before I head to Park Guell. After relaxing for a bit in the lounge, I'll be walking to Park Guell because it's only ten minutes away from my hotel since there won't be a need to call a taxi. As I'm walking, I see a few more souvenir stores and buy some stuff I can give to my friends. Ten minutes later, I finally arrive at Park Guell and buy my ticket. It was beautiful weather outside so strolling around the park was quite relaxing. I walked around many paths and got lost several times but I took my time there. Park Guell is perfect for taking a nice walk on a beautiful day. I took many pictures of the buildings and design while I was there; After several hours of spending time at Park Guell, it was 7:00, time went by so quickly and I haven't noticed how hungry I was. I leave Park Guell, and walk back to my hotel and have some dinner at the lounge. When I'm finished eating, I go back to my room, get changed into my PJs and sleep.

Day Three:
I wake up at 11:21 a.m, brush my teeth and get ready for my last day at Barcelona. Today, I'l be visiting the Magic Fountain of Montjuic. Although the past three days have felt really quick, I'm going to enjoy this day to my full content. I head down to the lobby to have myself some breakfast. After eating, i go outside to enjoy the beautiful hot weather out. Nothing's better than starting the day off with an afternoon walk. After an hour and a half, I stop by a nearby fast food restaurant and have a lunch. Once I'm finished eating, I begin walking to the Magic Fountain of Montjuic. I've heard that it looks prettiest at night, so instead, I decided to go window shopping until it gets dark. I still haven't seen the full city of Barcelona, but for now I walk around some more at places I don't know yet. After several hours, It was starting to get quite dark so I begin to walk to the Magic fountain of Montjuic. When I got there, the fountain was glowing and was turning different colors. Everything about it stood out. It was really eye-catching and beautiful. Every minute, it would change to a different color. I took many pictures of it. Once I was done taking pictures, I headed back to my hotel to have some dinner. When I was done eating dinner, I went back to my room to pack my things and sleep. I got changed into my PJs, packed my clothes into my luggage, set my alarm to 6:00 a.m and went to sleep.

Day Four (Departure to Asia. Manila, Philippines):
I wake up at 6:00 a.m, quickly brush my teeth, get ready and get all my luggage to head down to the lobby to have some breakfast. Once I'm finished my breakfast, I call a taxi to go to Barcelona El Prat Airport, where I'll be departing to Manila, Philippines. I call the taxi, then enter the airport. I find the 'Departure to Manila, Philippines' sign and go there, where people are lined up to enter the plane. Half an hour later, I finally board the plane, set my luggage on the rack, and take a nap as the plane flies to Manila, Philippines (Asia).

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Western Europe

Paris, France

sunny 19 °C

Next country I will be visiting in Western Europe is Paris! I have always wanted to visit this place since I was in grade four. My French teacher was from Paris, France and told the class what it was like living there. Now, this time, I'm going to experience what it's like being in one of the most beautiful cities in France! Paris, the capital of France, is known to be the most beautiful, and romantic cities in France. Other's call it the, "City of Light," (La Ville Lumiere) or, "City of Love" (La Ville d'Amour). As I'm on the plane, I open up my phone to see what hotel I should be staying in, and the attractions I should visit. I know that one of the attractions I'd be visiting is definitely the Eiffel Tower! I'm honestly so excited that I'm finally getting to visit Paris. All of this fantasizing was getting me tired. It's still 5 more hours til I arrive at Paris, so I might as well take a nap. Five hours later, I feel the plane landing. I look out the window and see a huge airport named "Charles de Gaulle Airport". I thought to myself with excitement, "I'm finally here!!." I took all my bag and luggage and made my way down the plane, to the airport. The airport was so huge, I got lost a few times until I finally got outside. I sat on a bench and scrolled through my phone to find a hotel. I found one that stood out to me the most, one that was called "Hotel Ares Eiffel". It also says it's 12 minutes away from the Eiffel Tower! That's perfect. I called a taxi and made my way to the hotel. As I was in the taxi, I was reading the reviews of the hotel. It says it's a 4 star hotel, it's $298 per night, not bad. It's a pretty good deal for a four star hotel anyway. When I arrive at the hotel, I check myself in, and go into my room. I was quite amazed to be honest. It was so.. fancy looking. I just had to take a picture of it. Anyway, it was only 6:21p.m out but I felt so tired. I changed into my PJs, being on a plane honestly tires me out so much. I slept soundly for the rest of the evening, an exciting day at Paris awaited me for tomorrow!

Day One:
I wake up, and check my phone, 11:21a.m. I've been sleeping for 17 hours. I almost forgot, I'm visiting the Eiffel Tower today! However, I don't know the other two places I'll be visiting for the next two days. I open up my browser and look at the attractions in Paris, France. The two attractions that appealed to me is The Louvre museum, and the Notre Dame de Paris. Alright, So I'll visit the museum tomorrow and on my last, day, I'll visit the Cathedral of Notre Dame. I got up out of my bed, brushed my teeth and got changed to go down to the lobby to eat breakfast. I had myself an English muffin, coffee, croissant, and a muffin. It was a small breakfast, but it still filled me up surprisingly. The Eiffel Tower was only twelve minutes away so I didn't need to take a taxi there. It was only 1:06p.m so there was so much to do before I head to the tower. I exit my hotel and walk around to see if there are any stores I could visit and window shop in. I see a souvenir shop and enter. I decided to buy some souvenirs for my family and best friends. I also wanted to myself some things in memory of my visit to Paris too. So far, I bought a few sweaters, t-shirts that said "I Love Paris", Mini-Eiffel Tower Keychains, and spoons. When I was finished purchasing souvenirs, I went back to my hotel to drop off the bags and went to walk to the Tower. I heard that Eiffel Towers are most beautiful at night, but I also wanted to see it in the day time too. Maybe I'll see the tower for now, then later on at night, I'll come there again. As I'm walking, I look up at see part of the Eiffel Tower. I'm almost there! I finally get there, buy my tickets and go inside. I go in the elevator, all the way to the top. I was kind of scared because I was at the top, and I was scared of heights but at the same time, the view was pretty beautiful. I can imagine what it'd be like if it was night. I took pictures of the gorgeous view too. After a couple of hours, it was 6:01p.m already. Time goes by pretty fast. I made my way down the Eiffel tower elevator, and went to look for a nearby restaurant I could eat in, since I was really hungry by that time. After five minutes, I see a restaurant called "Guy Savoy" . It looked really fancy, but it didn't matter to me, I was hungry so I didn't mind eating at a really fancy restaurant. I ordered myself a 'White Truffle Pasta', which was really good. After about half an hour of enjoying my meal, I paid my bill, tipped the server, and left the restaurant. I went back to my hotel to relax for a bit, since I wanted to go back to the Eiffel Tower around 8:00. By then, it would be pretty dark and it would look beautiful by then too! I head back to my room and go on my phone to upload the pictures I took so far. I took pictures of the souvenirs I bought, the Eiffel Tower of course, the view from the top of it, and much more. At about 7:45p.m, I leave my hotel and walk back to the Eiffel Tower. I just had to see it when it's dark out! People say that the Eiffel Tower starts glowing when it's night. I definitely want to snap a shot of that! When I got there, I had to take a picture of the Tower. It was so beautiful, it stood out. I got my tickets again, took the elevator and took pictures of the view down from the Tower. Maybe when it was daylight, the view was more frightening, but at night, all you see is light. I took my pictures, then after a few hours of the sight seeing, I headed back to my hotel. It was 10:09p.m. It was getting so late, and I was getting tired too. I got back to my hotel, went to my room, changed to my PJs, and went straight to sleep after a long day.

Day Two:
I wake up at 12:11p.m, I've been waking up late often for some reason. Maybe it's because i've been really tired lately or have been sleeping late? Oh well. I get up, brush my teeth, and get changed for my second day at Paris, France! I go down to the lobby, and decided to have a normal breakfast. Just bacon, eggs, french toast, and coffee. When I'm finished my breakfast, I go on my phone and check out reviews on the museum. So far, people are saying it's a really great visit. I also read that the museum looks like a glass pyramid! That's quite interesting, because you don't normally see glass museums around. "It's an even better experience when you visit at night!", I read. It seems like everything is more beautiful in Paris when it's night I guess. I decided I'll visit the museum when it's around 6-7:00p.m. I put my phone in my back pocket, and left my hotel to walk around and maybe window shop or enjoy the nice cool weather outside. As I was walking, I came across many boutiques, and window shopped from some of it. Three hours later of walking, I go to a nearby fast food restaurant, order myself some food and sit there for a little while since I was tired from walking, It was 6:23p.m so I should be heading to the museum soon. I call a taxi, and ask the driver to go to "the Louvre Museum". It was a 20 minute drive, so I should be arriving there at about 7:00p.m, and it closes at 9:45p.m. When I arrived, I was really surprised by the sight of the glass museum. It was quite dark out and the pyramid really stood out since it was glowing. I paid off the taxi driver, and went inside the museum. I bought a ticket and walked around. When I went inside I realized that the Louvre Museum is a former historic palace housing art collections from Roman sculptures to Da Vinci's Mona Lisa. The three pieces that attracted me most were the Mona Lisa, the Venus de Milo, and Winged Victory. The structure itself was just breathtakingly beautiful. I really loved the artwork, I felt that when I was in there, the statue came to life. The Louvre Museum had about 300,000 pieces of art and the ones that stood out to me the most were the Mona Lisa, the Venus de Milo and Winged Victory. After a couple of more hours of walking around the museum, It was 9:35 and everyone had to exit the museum because it was closing. I took one last picture of the museum at night, since I thought that everyone needed to see this. I called a taxi and went back to my hotel. I ate dinner at the lobby then went to my room. I changed to my PJs, uploaded the pictures of Facebook, and Instagram then went to sleep.

Day Three:
I wake up at 9:00 am, brush my teeth and get ready to visit the Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral. I realize that this is my last night at Paris. The last two days were enjoyable and fun, I was quite sad that time went by so quickly. However, I still have more countries to visit, new experiences still await me! I want to enjoy my last day at Paris as much I can today before I have to leave tomorrow morning. I go downstairs to have breakfast in the lobby first before I leave the hotel to go explore the city of Paris some more. Since today's my last day, I'm planning on going to the Notre Dame Cathedral in the afternoon but for now, I'm going to walk around the city. When I'm done my breakfast, I exit the hotel, and start to stroll around the city of Paris. About half an hour later, I come across a beautiful garden. The garden was looked really gorgeous so I had to take a picture of it. This garden was called the "Jardin des Plantes", which is the main botanical garden in France. After walking around the garden, I turn around and head back to my hotel. While walking, I go to a nearby fast food restaurant and get some lunch. When I'm finished eating, I call a taxi to head to the Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral. About thirty minutes later, we arrive. I buy my ticket, then enter. I was very amazed at how humongous, ancient and beautiful it looked on the inside. Going inside the cathedral, made me feel like I was walking around in an ancient mansion. I heard that the Notre Dame Cathedral is over 800 years old! I was mesmerized by all the sculptures, and the stained glasses surrounding the cathedral. The Notre Dame Cathedral has such an incredible structure with so much history. This )must be a really legendary church. Fabulous stained glass and atmosphere everywhere. I feel as if I can live in this beautiful church. I was so mesmerized by all the eye-catching things that I got carried away and ahead of time. It was 8:21 p.m already, I had to leave immediately since I'm going to Spain the next morning. I leave the church, and call a taxi to go back to the hotel. After I arrive, I eat dinner in the lobby and head back to my room. I start packing my clothes into my luggage, change into my PJs, set my alarm up to 6:00 a.m and go to sleep.

Day Four (Departure to Barcelona, Spain):
I wake up at approximately 6:00 a.m since my alarm woke me up. I quickly brush my teeth, get ready, get all my luggage and head down to the lobby to have some breakfast. After I'm done my breakfast, I call a taxi to go to the 'Charles de Gaulles Airport'. When I arrive at the airport, I go into the 'Departure' area. I see a sign that says 'Departing to Spain' so I go there. Half an hour later, I head on to the plane, set my luggage on top of the rack, and take a nap as the plane flies to Spain.

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Western Europe

Lisbon, Portugal

sunny 13 °C

Lisbon, Portugal's capital and largest city (about 550,000 inhabitants in the city, around 3 million in the total urban area), is a fascinating city of charming architecture, art and tradition. The night before I travel to the city of Lisbon, I pack my luggage filled with the things I need and go to sleep. As soon as I wake up, I get my luggage and call a taxi to go to The Toronto Pearson Airport. From there on, I will be taking a plane going to Lisbon, Portugal. While being on the plane, I imagine all the wonderful places to visit in Lisbon such as Museu Calouste Gulbenkian, Lisbon Oceanarium, and Lisbon Zoo. As soon as I arrive, I will be taking my luggage's then book into a hotel. The hotel is called Lisbon City Hotel, I heard it was 3 stars for only $81, besides it was close by so I might as well check into it. After checking into the hotel, I go to my room, unpack, and decided to go to sleep after a long day of being on a plane for hours.








Day One:
I wake up at 11:30 a.m, brush my teeth then get ready to explore the city of Lisbon, Portugal. First, I go to the lobby to eat breakfast then afterwards go out for a walk. Since I just arrived at Lisbon, I would like to walk around for a bit enjoying the cool sunny weather. After that, I eat lunch at Pois, Cafe restaurant before going to the museum. When I'm finished my lunch, I take a taxi to go to 'Museu Calouste Gulbenkian' that is located at Avenida Berna 45A, 1067-001 and arrive there at 4:00. The place that I'm planning on currently going to is a museum in Lisbon which contains a collection of ancient and modern art. Once i arrive at 'Museu Calouste Gulbenkian', I buy my ticket, and enter the museum filled with many wonderful things. As I'm in the museum, I see many surprising things that catch my eyes. I saw many different exquisite pieces of coins, jewelry, paintings, furniture, ceramics and much more. While I'm there, I take a bunch of pictures of the beautiful arts that I saw. I also notice that the exhibition galleries are split in two. One part is devoted to the Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Islamic and Asian art. The second part is covers European Art. After a couple of hours enjoying the amazing arts in the museum, I exit and walk to a nearby restaurant called 'Belcanto' for dinner. After my dinner, I take a taxi back to my hotel since I'm really tired. I finally get to my room, change into my PJ's then go to sleep.
Museu Calouste Gulbenkian

Museu Calouste Gulbenkian



Belcanto Restaurant

Belcanto Restaurant

Day Two:
I wake up at 11:30 a.m., brush my teeth, then get ready to explore the city of Lisbon, Portugal on my second day. First, like the usual, I will go down to the lobby to eat breakfast then at 12:30, when I should be done eating, I will go out for a walk. To me, there's nothing better than starting a day off with a relaxing afternoon walk. Ever since I've arrived at Lisbon, I've been amazed at the many wonderful restaurants I've found and places I have encountered. As I'm walking, I go to a nearby fast food restaurant and grab some lunch to eat before I head to the Lisbon Aquarium. After eating, I call a taxi to go to Lisbon Aquarium which is located at Esplanada Dom Carlos I, s/nÂș, 1990-005. The Lisbon Aquarium is an aquarium in Lisbon with more than 8,000 sea creatures from 500 different species. Once I arrive at the Lisbon Aquarium, I see that there's a long line up, so I wait in line and buy my ticket for $18.00 then enter the wonderful oceanarium filled with many different sea creatures. I was very amazed by what I was seeing as soon as I entered the aquarium. Lisbon Aquarium was filled with over 500 species such as fish, marine mammals, birds and more. It was almost as if you were to visit the underwater world. It truly is a beautiful place to visit, especially with the huge variety of animal species. I took a bunch of pictures on my camera making sure I capture every moment of my wonderful experience. Going to this Aquarium is a nice and peaceful way to get out of the hot sunny weather in Lisbon. Regardless whether you are an adult or child, visiting this place when you go to Lisbon is a must! I highly recommend you going to this Aquarium if you are ever to visit Portugal/Lisbon, it's certainly worth several hours of your time! After several hours of enjoying my encounter at the Aquarium, I had to go home since it was closing. It was 6:55p.m. and it was closing at 7:00 so sadly, it was time for me to leave. As soon as I went outside, the aquarium began to glow with colorful lights. It was beautiful, especially at night. Then, I was starting to get really hungry so I walked around the area trying to find a nice restaurant to eat dinner at, and found a restaurant named 'Restaurante Tolan' so I decided to eat there. It wasn't that fancy, but it didn't matter to me, the food tasted delicious. After eating, I took a cab and went back to my hotel. When I arrived at my room, It was only 8:41p.m. which was quite early for me to sleep since I wasn't tired at all. I went down to the lobby and went on my laptop for about hours posting pictures of my experience so far. At about 10:09p.m., I went back to my room and slept since I was sleepy.

Day Three:
I wake up at 10:30 a.m., brush my teeth then begin to pack my luggage since I'm leaving the city of Lisbon tomorrow morning and going to Paris, France. Afterwards, I will go downstairs to the lobby to eat breakfast then begin my usual afternoon relaxing walk. While walking, I find this beautiful park called 'Parque Eduardo VII'. I stroll around the park and take pictures of it on my phone since everyone needed to see this beautiful creation. After half an hour of strolling around the park and enjoying the weather, I head back to my hotel to have some lunch. When I'm finished my lunch, I decided to pack myself a snack while I'm on the zoo, that way I won't have to spend money buying something there. I start to walk out my hotel and go to the Lisbon Zoo. I heard the Lisbon Zoo is about thirty minutes away from my hotel, so I might as well walk there since it was a beautiful day out. As I'm walking, I imagine all of the animals I would love to see when I arrive. Since I'm an animal lover, I would most likely spend hours at the zoo. My favorite animals are the Lion, Tiger and Panda so I couldn't wait to see them when I get there. About thirty minutes later, I finally get to the zoo. A worker approached, greeted me and handed me a brochure of where all the animals are. I just loved being at zoo, seeing all the animals
and feeding them made me happy. Of course I had to take pictures of them too. While walking, I so far stumbled across the Giraffe, Zebras, Dolphins, Koalas, and much more. One of my favorite parts so far was feeding a penguin. I was beginning to get hungry, so I sat on a bench, took my bag out and ate the snacks I packed. When I was done eating, I started to walk around again so I could see more animals. So far, I've been at the zoo for about four hours and it was 6:00 p.m. I'm planning on leaving the zoo when it's 7:30 that way I could sleep early and wake up early for my flight to Paris tomorrow. Anyway, I finally came across a Male Lion. I really wanted to feed him but we were forbidden to do so since they were vicious and harmful. I took my pictures of him, then left to see the rest of my favorite animals. The Tiger was right beside the Lion, so I went on ahead to them. After visiting the tiger, I went to the Panda which was my last visit of the zoo. I took my pictures, then began heading for the exit. As I was leaving, I saw a pizza parlor. I bought myself two slices of pizza and ate while I was walking back to my hotel. I arrived at my hotel at 8:06p.m and went straight to my room. I got changed to my PJ's, made sure I packed everything, set my alarm to 6:00a.m and went to sleep.

Day Four: (Departure from Lisbon to Paris)
My alarm woke me up at 6:00 a.m. My flight was at 9:00a.m so I had to hurry and get ready. I brushed my teeth, got ready, then took my bags and luggage to go down to the lobby. I had my breakfast, and took a taxi to go to "Lisbon Portela Airport". Which is the airport in Lisbon, Portugal. I arrived at the airport at 7:31a.m, made my way to the departure area, got into the plane, and left Lisbon, Portugal.

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Travel and Tourism Culminating Activity 2015

A T & T Expedition

Hi. My name is Esther Valdez, I am a high school student from Mississauga Ontario, Canada. I go to St. Joseph Secondary School. I will be going on a trip visiting nine cities within three regions, which are Western Europe, Asia, and North America.

Western Europe Cities:
Lisbon, Portugal
Paris, France
Barcelona, Spain

Manila, Philippines
Bangkok, Thailand
Tokyo, Japan

North America
Toronto, Canada
New York, United States
Cancun, Mexico

Those will be all the nine cities within the three continents I will be visiting, Starting from Mississauga, Ontario I will be visiting Lisbon, Portugal first from Western Europe, and from there on I will be writing about my amazing experiences in the city. I hope you enjoy.

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