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The first city I'll be visiting in North America is Toronto, Canada. I'm not necessarily from Toronto, I'm from Ontario, Mississauga however I never been to Toronto before. This will be my first time visiting Toronto, aside from going to the airport. Even though my parents have lived in Toronto for years, they moved to Mississauga later on, which was the time I was born so I have never gone there before. Toronto is a city in southern Ontario, Canada, and is the capital of Ontario. Toronto is located on the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario, and is the largest city in Canada and the fifth largest city in North America. As of the 2011 Canadian census, the city's population is 2,615,060. The Greater Toronto Area (GTA), which includes many of the cities and towns surrounding Toronto had a population of 6,059,280 at the 2011 Canadian Census. I was going to be on the plane for about 13 hours, so I open up my phone and search up hotels to stay in then attractions to go to afterwards. So far, I found a five-star hotel for $555 per night, named 'The Ritz-Carlton Hotel'. Also, the three attractions I will be definitely going to is the Art Gallery of Ontario, Canada's Wonderland and the CN Tower. After 13 more hours, the plane begins to land at the Toronto Pearson Airport. I grab all my luggage from the rack, head down to the airport, go to the 'Arrivals' area and make my way to the exit. Once I leave the Airport, I call a taxi to go to 'The Ritz-Carlton Hotel'. Also, this hotel is really close to the CN Tower and the Art Gallery of Ontario so I can just walk there instead of taking a taxi. When I arrived, I was surprised by how huge the hotel looked. It looked like a beautiful glass mansion. I checked into the hotel, went to my room, took some pictures of the hotel, view, then afterwards I changed into my PJs, and went to sleep because by then, it was really late in Toronto.

Day One:
I wake up at 10:00 a.m, brush my teeth, get ready to explore Toronto on my first day. I then head down to the lobby to eat some breakfast, and go out for a little walk before I go to the Art Gallery of Ontario. I may live in Mississauga, but I never been to Toronto unless I was going to the airport. Toronto looked really beautiful outside, and I couldn't wait to see how it looked at night too. As I'm out on the walk, I come across the Toronto Eaton Centre which is a shopping mall in Toronto. I decided to go shopping for a bit for my family, friends and me to remind me about my first experience in Toronto. I bought some clothes, souvenirs, jewelry and many more other things. As I was shopping, I stopped by the Food court to get some lunch. After I'm done eating, I'll begin walking back to my hotel to drop off my shopping bags then start to walk to the Art Gallery of Ontario, since it is only thirteen minutes away from my hotel. Once I arrive, I buy my ticket and enter the museum. I thought that the interior of the museum was really beautiful. It's a nice museum with some lovely Canadian art. The Art Gallery of Ontario is a great place to go to for anyone who appreciates modern and contemporary art. It really blew my mind how well the layout of the pieces were displayed. They also have a really lovely architecture in the atrium and has a fun wooden spiral staircase that I thought was beautiful too. There was even an art card touch-screen interface right off the lobby and a place to take pictures under the crowns in the window. The museum was really fun. It was then, beginning to get dark so I had to quickly head back to my hotel. It was about 9:00 p.m, I felt as if I spent hours at the museum! Once I came back to my hotel, I had dinner at the lobby, then made my way back to my room. When I came back to my room, I changed into my PJs and slept after a long day.

Day Two:
I wake up at 11:00 am, brush my teeth and get ready to explore Toronto on my second day. Today, I will be going to Canada's Wonderland which is an amusement park with many different rides, arcade games, and many more. I have been wanting to go to Canada's Wonderland since I was a little kid, but haven't gotten a chance to, but now I can finally visit the wonderful place! Canada's Wonderland is about one hour away from my hotel, so I definitely have to take a taxi there. I head down to the lobby to eat breakfast, then pack myself a few snacks as I'm at the amusement park. Afterwards, I call a taxi to go to Canada's Wonderland. When I arrive, I'll buy my ticket at the front, and enter the amusement park. There were many different rides I wanted to go on. Rides such as the Leviathan, The Bat, Behemoth, and more. However, the lines for the rides were really long so I had to wait about fifteen minutes to finally get on a ride. First, I felt like playing in the arcade games and winning myself a stuffed animal. When that was done, I finally lined up to go on the Leviathan. I'm quite intimidated by how steep the drop is and how far up the roller coaster is, but riding this ride has been on my bucket list for so long. I took so much pictures as I was on the ride. It was really scary and fast, but definitely fun at the same time! After I rode The Leviathan, I made my way to The Bat, Behemoth, Windseeker, Wild Beast, and then to the Mighty Canadian Buster. After spending several hours at Canada's Wonderland, It was 8:30 p.m, already, so I called a taxi to go back to my hotel. When I came back to my hotel, I headed straight to the lobby to have dinner, then went to my room, changed into my PJs and went to sleep.

Day Three:
I wake up at 11:00 a.m, brush my teeth and get ready to explore Toronto on my last day. Today, this time I will be going to the CN Tower, which is one of the tallest towers in the world! I felt that the past two days went by so fast that I really didn't feel like leaving the city. I head down to the lobby to eat breakfast, and then go out for an afternoon walk. It was sunny and hot outside, so it felt relaxing going out for a walk. I was planning on going to the CN Tower, because I heard it was more beautiful at night, so I'll just go in the evening. For now, I decided to just stay in my hotel for a bit, work out at the fitness center and go swimming in the outdoor pool. It's good for you if you go outside a lot, but I feel that it's a bit more relaxing if you stay inside sometimes. It was only 4:00 p.m, I think I had about a few more hours to spend until I head to the CN Tower, so I went to the Toronto Eaton Centre, to window shop a bit. I had my lunch at the Eaton Centre while I was there. After a couple of more hours, the sun was beginning to set which meant that it's time for me to head to the CN Tower! I begin walking to the tower, which was only ten minutes away from my hotel. When I got there, I bought my ticket and entered. When I was there, I took a bunch of pictures of the view down from the Tower. It was a bit frightening because I was so high up, but you got to see nearly all of Downtown, Toronto at night, which was very beautiful! The glass floor was also really cool! The entire view of the city was just so breathtaking. Then, I decided to eat at the restaurant inside of the CN Tower, which also had a view of Toronto, and it was really fancy. I wanted to enjoy my last day at Toronto as much as I can, and all I can say is that the past few days have been really fun. When I was finished my dinner, I went back to my hotel, packed my clothes into my luggage, set my alarm to 6:00 a.m, and went to sleep.

Day Four (Departure from Toronto, Canada to New York, United States):
I wake up at 6:00 a.m, brush my teeth, get ready, get all my luggage and head down to the lobby to quickly eat breakfast. Afterwards, I call a taxi to go to the Toronto Pearson Airport. Once I get to the airport, I find the 'Departure' area and line up where other people are to enter the plane. After about twenty minutes, I finally board the plane, set my luggage on the rack, and just relax as the plane leaves Toronto and goes to New York, United States.

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