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Day One (Part One): Last country I will be visiting of Western Europe is Barcelona, Spain. The Roman Empire founded "Barcino" in the 1st century BC and the city has been a meeting point for different cultures ever since. Barcelona into a vibrant and modern city. Barcelona is a major centre of business, design and fashion, and its rich history has gifted it with countless pieces of the finest architecture. It's only going to take about two hours to get to Barcelona, Spain from Paris, France. I have to admit, I really enjoyed my time in Paris, it's by far my favorite country I've visited in Western Europe. However, I'm sure I'm going to enjoy my experience in Spain as I did in France. For now, I'm going to take a nap until I arrive in Barcelona. After about an hour and a half, I wake up, look out the window and see the airport. When the plane finally lands, I take my luggage out the rack, exit the plane and go into the Barcelona El Prat airport. I walk around until I find the exit, and leave the airport. After that, I'll call a taxi and go to 'Hotel Espana' where I will be staying for the next three days. Hotel Espana is a four star hotel for only $261 per night. Once I arrive, I'll be checking into the hotel, leave my luggage there and start the day off!

Day One (Part Two): Once I have checked into my hotel and put my luggage in my room, I'll be going downstairs to the lounge to eat some lunch. It's only 1:00 p.m, I have plenty of time to spend. While eating lunch, I open up my phone, I didn't know where or what I was going to do today. So I search up 'Barcelona, Spain Attractions,' and find many places I can visit. I've found three attractions that appealed to me most, which is Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, and Magic Fountain of Montjuic. I decided that I will be visiting Sagrada Familia today, which is a large Roman Catholic Church. For now, it's still quite early so I want to explore the city of Barcelona before I head over to Sagrada Familia. I have a few hispanic friends who's from Barcelona so I look around and see if I can get them any souvenirs. After about an hour of souvenir shopping, I go back to my hotel and call a taxi to go to Sagrada Familia. As I'm in the taxi, I look at reviews on the church, and so far people have said what an amazing experience it is. I'm quite excited to see what it's like in there also. When I arrive, I was honestly quite intimidated on how absolutely humongous it looked! It was really huge, I felt as if it was going to collapse. I bought my ticket and then entered. Compared to the outside of how it looked, it seemed larger on the inside than the outside. When I visited Paris, the Notre Dame Cathedral is nothing compared to Sagrada Familia! I walked around in complete amaze, everything in the Church was just so beautiful, I took pictures of everything I saw. Several hours later, I left Sagrada Familia and went to find a restaurant to eat in because I was getting hungry. I finally find a four star restaurant called 'Da Greco' and eat there. I order myself some pasta and enjoy my meal. After I'm finished eating, I head back to my hotel. It's 8:49 p.m but I was quite sleepy. It felt like a long day because today I was on a plane, went shopping then went to a Roman Catholic Church. Before I went to sleep, I posted all the pictures I took on Facebook for everyone to see then went to sleep.

Day Two:
I wake up at 10:00 a.m, brush my teeth, and get ready for my second day at Barcelona. Today, I'll be visiting Park Guell. Park Guell is a public park system composed of gardens and architectonic elements. I head down to the lounge and have myself some breakfast before I head to Park Guell. After relaxing for a bit in the lounge, I'll be walking to Park Guell because it's only ten minutes away from my hotel since there won't be a need to call a taxi. As I'm walking, I see a few more souvenir stores and buy some stuff I can give to my friends. Ten minutes later, I finally arrive at Park Guell and buy my ticket. It was beautiful weather outside so strolling around the park was quite relaxing. I walked around many paths and got lost several times but I took my time there. Park Guell is perfect for taking a nice walk on a beautiful day. I took many pictures of the buildings and design while I was there; After several hours of spending time at Park Guell, it was 7:00, time went by so quickly and I haven't noticed how hungry I was. I leave Park Guell, and walk back to my hotel and have some dinner at the lounge. When I'm finished eating, I go back to my room, get changed into my PJs and sleep.

Day Three:
I wake up at 11:21 a.m, brush my teeth and get ready for my last day at Barcelona. Today, I'l be visiting the Magic Fountain of Montjuic. Although the past three days have felt really quick, I'm going to enjoy this day to my full content. I head down to the lobby to have myself some breakfast. After eating, i go outside to enjoy the beautiful hot weather out. Nothing's better than starting the day off with an afternoon walk. After an hour and a half, I stop by a nearby fast food restaurant and have a lunch. Once I'm finished eating, I begin walking to the Magic Fountain of Montjuic. I've heard that it looks prettiest at night, so instead, I decided to go window shopping until it gets dark. I still haven't seen the full city of Barcelona, but for now I walk around some more at places I don't know yet. After several hours, It was starting to get quite dark so I begin to walk to the Magic fountain of Montjuic. When I got there, the fountain was glowing and was turning different colors. Everything about it stood out. It was really eye-catching and beautiful. Every minute, it would change to a different color. I took many pictures of it. Once I was done taking pictures, I headed back to my hotel to have some dinner. When I was done eating dinner, I went back to my room to pack my things and sleep. I got changed into my PJs, packed my clothes into my luggage, set my alarm to 6:00 a.m and went to sleep.

Day Four (Departure to Asia. Manila, Philippines):
I wake up at 6:00 a.m, quickly brush my teeth, get ready and get all my luggage to head down to the lobby to have some breakfast. Once I'm finished my breakfast, I call a taxi to go to Barcelona El Prat Airport, where I'll be departing to Manila, Philippines. I call the taxi, then enter the airport. I find the 'Departure to Manila, Philippines' sign and go there, where people are lined up to enter the plane. Half an hour later, I finally board the plane, set my luggage on the rack, and take a nap as the plane flies to Manila, Philippines (Asia).

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